Thursday, 5 September 2013

I know I know its been a while !!!

Well I did warn you that this computer lark is not my thang ! But I do have a really good excuse , That being  I got a DOG !!!! Yes a real live barker . We adopted her from Blue cross ,she is a Jack Russell and SOOOOO cute . She loves people but has issues with other dogs , she is the furry time stealer !!!
All I seem to do these days is walk the dog , not complainig I love it, but it means less time for the old pap mashing!
 I'm still making stuff and doing the odd craft fair , I have spent some time developing new work which is a bit hit and miss [ new ideas dont always work out ]
I did get a commission to make a bulldog and I was very pleased with it , its difficult to make a bulldog that doesnt look like a certain well known one [ you know who i mean yep!]