Thursday, 5 September 2013

I know I know its been a while !!!

Well I did warn you that this computer lark is not my thang ! But I do have a really good excuse , That being  I got a DOG !!!! Yes a real live barker . We adopted her from Blue cross ,she is a Jack Russell and SOOOOO cute . She loves people but has issues with other dogs , she is the furry time stealer !!!
All I seem to do these days is walk the dog , not complainig I love it, but it means less time for the old pap mashing!
 I'm still making stuff and doing the odd craft fair , I have spent some time developing new work which is a bit hit and miss [ new ideas dont always work out ]
I did get a commission to make a bulldog and I was very pleased with it , its difficult to make a bulldog that doesnt look like a certain well known one [ you know who i mean yep!]

Monday, 30 January 2012


Finally I'm back in the st st studio hee hee ! I've not been idle these last few weeks, for I have been Spring cleaning . The hated housework had to be done , even I could no longer ignore the cobwebs . So house and studio are pristene once more [it wont last] and I've started some new projects.. I would like too make some more practical items this year ,I'm experimenting with designs for mirrors, jewellery stands , boxes and maybe clocks.I've got lots of ideas as usual ,but you never know if they will work until you make them , so here goes.
Igot a camera for Christmas so I'm going to try to post more pictures in the future.   
  UP ,UP AND AWAY!!!!!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Well here I am back in the papier mache saddle and galloping headlong towards Christmas . Tally ho !
I'm trying to make lots of new and excitng stuff but time is limited so I'm not sure how much  will get done .
The Boolie Noo road show will be appearing at .......South Hill Park  Bracknell .......... 19- 20th Nov
                                                                                Handmade Winchester...............  26th Nov
                                                                                Vintagenie Pentahotel Reading...  11th Dec     
 So it would be lovely if you could troll along to one of these events and join me in a cup of  good
cheer ! and maybe purchase some reasonably priced Christmas goodies Yay !
In the mean time if you are in desperate need of a papier mache pal, fear not for Folksy is at hand !!
A limited number of my wears are available at Boolie-Noo Inc
There's not much on there yet , but be patient dear followers more will be forth coming ...................
Also if you want to peruse  my portfolio of goods , turn your gaze to my Flickr page
where you can enjoy at your leisure my past glories .[ please ignore the hideous photo of me , the ugly truth yuk ]
I readily take on commissions or if you want you can order goods direct from me via my email address.
Adios amigos

Monday, 25 July 2011


The lovely school holidays are upon us once more ! Which means child care , which means no time for crafting activities . Therefore setting up Folksy account etc. will have to wait until September when the little darlings will again be under the dear teachers watchful eye .
In the meantime lets hope the weather stays nice !!
     I shall be back in the Autumn with renewed vigour !!!
      LATERS !!

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I haven't been on holiday all this time, it's just that I'm a middle aged woman who has no computer skills ,but I'm learnin'. As Miranda would say BEAR WITH ,BEAR WITH!

First let us parade the cages..........By that I mean lets have a look at a sample of my papier mache wares .
My designs are made using wire newspaper and tissue paper .Mostly I use colour and patterns found in newspapers as decoration rather than piant .
Firstly its those cute little birdies look at them.......




And lots more ...but thats enough for going on with ......................................................................................

I'm in lovely Winchester tomorrow taking part in the Handmade Craft Fair and soon I hope to be setting up an account with Folksy ......... So cheerio Boolie Noosers every where until next time i get up the nerve to open up the laptop........Byeeeeee.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Open Studio / Hols

Thanks to everybody who came to the Open Studio this weekend, it was lovely to meet you all!

I'm on holiday for the rest of this week, but will be putting some pictures of my work up soon.  Stand by for action!